Sacramento Kings Pull Iguodala Deal, $56 Million Offer Vanishes

The Sacramento Kings pulled Andre Iguodala’s deal after he was reluctant to immediately accept their $56 million five-year contract.

The Denver Nuggets had a chance to match the NBA stars offer from the Kings but were reluctant to offer Iguodala his new $14 million-a-year salary. When the Kings realized the Nuggets were not acting to secure Iguodala, they withdrew their own deal.

Iguodala was presented with an alternative five-year contract by Nuggets general manager Tim Connelly and coach Brian Shaw and a pitch meant to keep him in Denver. It is not known at this time if the Nuggets may have upped their offer to compete with the aggressive Kings proposition.

No other offers have come forward, which could lead Andre Iguodala back to the negotiating table with the Denver Nuggets. While the Nuggets would love to keep their star player at the core of their program, they have expressed outward reluctance because even a reasonable offer could become salary-cap crippling.

The Sacramento Kings may have pulled the Iguodala deal over worries that he hesitated over fears of working with a franchise that is in the midst of a major rebuilding period.

We know that Andre Iguodala was being pursued hardily by new Kings General Manager Pete D’Alessandro. The team’s new GM recently left the Nuggets’ front office and has a personal relationship with the Nuggets star.

With Iguodala out of the picture, the Sacremento Kings could decided to match the four-year, $44 million offer sheet that restricted free agent guard Tyreke Evans has received from the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Detroit Pistons could still pursue Andre Iguodala after they revealed interest in the star player.

Last season Andre Iguodala averaged 13 points, five assists and five rebounds per game. .

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