British Woman Sells Her Belongings On eBay To Save Her Dog

A British woman took the desperate measure of selling her clothes on eBay in order to save the life of her dog, after her pet insurers refused to give her any money.

In May, Vicky Hughes, a 33-year-old officer worked from Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, returned home to find her pet pooch, Emma, collapsed on the floor of her home, writhing in pain.

She took Emma to her local vet, where she discovered that she had a slipped spinal disc that would require around six hours of surgery, which would cost in excess of $6,000, however she didn’t bat an eyelid before saying yes to the procedure.

Previously she had use Petpals Direct, a pet insurer, and was paying around $250 a month to protect herself against paying for such an operation. However Ms Hughes’ world soon crashed around her when she received a phone call that proclaimed the treatment wasn’t covered by her policy.

Vicky told the Daily Mail, “I broke down in tears on the phone when they told me Emma was not covered. It was as if they didn’t give a stuff about what had just happened.”

She then decided to resort to the very drastic action of selling her freezer, fridge, and clothes on eBay, and at car boot sales, in order to amass the sum of money she needed to pay for the bill.

Vicky then took to various charity websites as she looked for kind-hearted strangers to help her raise the final pennies of her total.

After completing her tasked, Ms Hughes admitted, “My bank account was empty. I’ve had to sell everything I absolutely don’t need. I simply assumed my insurance would cover all accidents. I had no idea that treatment would be excluded.”

This is the latest in a string of cases in the United Kingdom that has seen pet insurers throw out claims because of the small print.

[Image via Amor Kar/Shutterstock]