Ashlee Simpson Dating Diana Ross’ Son Evan? Rumor Mill Starts Churning Again

It’s been a pretty big week for dating rumors. Is Kaley Cuoco dating Henry Cavill? Is Robert Pattinson dating Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough? Is Ashley Simpson dating Diana Ross’ son Evan? At the moment, there aren’t any concrete answers. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of speculation to go around.

The latest dating rumor focuses on Ashley Simpson and her rumored boyfriend Evan Ross. The two have been spotted on numerous occasions in the last few days leading many to believe that they are dating.

The NY Daily News reports that Ashlee, the sister of Jessica Simpson, and Evan, the son of Diana Ross, have been friends for a long time.

A source said: “Evan and Ashlee have been friends for a really long time, probably 10 years … They know each other from the club scene and have tons of mutual friends.”

It’s clear that Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross know each other well and it’s clear that they’ve been hanging out a lot lately. That doesn’t mean, however, that they’ve started dating.

At least the Simpson / Ross rumor has a little bit of evidence to back it up.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Riley Keough found themselves in a never ending rumor cycle after the Twilight actor was spotted out with a “mystery woman.” Some people claimed that he was with Riley, a friend of Stewart’s, and that the two were dating behind Kristen’s back. Others claimed that Riley wasn’t even the person in the car.

A rep for the actor finally released a statement saying: “Riley isn’t dating Rob. And I can confirm that Riley was not photographed at all this weekend.”

And that brings us to Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill. This dating rumor was started by a few anonymous sources who claim that Cuoco and Cavill are at the beginning of a relationship. Neither star has commented on the relationship but Cuoco did send out a curious tweet last month.

Everyone go see “man of steel”. It’s fantastic in every single way.

— Kaley Cuoco (@KaleyCuoco) June 15, 2013

Now that you’re all caught up on your weekly dating gossip, which rumor do you hope is true? Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross? Kaley Cuoco and Henry Cavill? Or Robert Pattinson and Riley Keough?