July 3, 2013
The Contradicting Narratives In The Evo Morales Plane Diversion

Bolivian President Evo Morales' plane was diverted on Tuesday, while in route from Moscow to Bolivia, and forced to land in Vienna, Austria.

The plane was suspected of carrying NSA leaker and wanted man Edward Snowden. The South American president was detained several hours in the Austrian capital.

Several European countries have been accussed by Bolivia of denying the plane to fly over their air space, but the accounts are contradictory as reported by the Washington Post.

Bolivia originally said that France and Portugal interfered with the flight path denying permission to enter their air space.There are contradictions in some statements that say that the plane was searched illegally while other claim that the Austrian authorities had permission.

Bolivia has said that they will file a formal complaint with the UN.

Austria stated that they searched the plane and checked passports and that the procedure was routine. They added that the plane asked for permission to land due to low fuel.

France has said that there was contradictory information about one of the passengers on board, but that as soon as they knew it was Morales' plane they authorized it to fly on French air space.

Spain denies Bolivia's accusation that the plane was not allowed to enter the country. However, they add that it was important that Snowden not be on board.

Portugal allowed the flight to use their airspace, but denied refueling.

The flight crew of Evo Morales' plane requested permission to land in Vienna because of being unable to read the fuel indicator properly. "We need to land because we cannot get a correct indication of the fuel indication, we need to land." the pilot or co-pilot is heard saying.

This would explain the U turn made by the flight as it was attempting to leave Europe for Bolivia.

The US has not made an official statement on the diversion of Evo Morales' plane as of yet.

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