July 3, 2013
Passenger Tries To Jump Out Of Two Planes To Smoke

A New York passenger caused two flights to be diverted in less than 12 hours, all because, on both occasions, he wanted to have a cigarette so badly he attempted to open up the cabin doors in order to have one.

On each flight the man tried to light a cigarette inside the plane, which he was unable to do, so he then headed for the emergency exit instead. Because of his actions the flights were then forced to divert.

The first incident occurred on an overnight flight from Las Vegas to Charlotte, North Carolina, which forced the aircraft to land in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Officials told KCTV, that the individual, who reportedly had a strong Russian accent, had started to shake the seat in front of him as he attempted to light his cigarette, before then launching himself towards the door so that he could "exit for a smoke."

Once the plane had landed, and he had been booted off, he was then interviewed by FBI agents and the police, but because he hadn't managed to open the cabin door, he was soon released without charges.

After this ordeal he decided to book himself onto a Chicago flight, with a different airline however this didn't stop him from repeating the social faux pas once again.

Passengers have remarked that he tried to light a cigarette inside the plane, plus he refused to stay seated, before, once again, he tried to open the cabin door.

Several passengers and an off-duty federal agent managed to restrain the man, before the plane then landed in Kansas City Airport at 11.30am.

A fellow passenger called him "obnoxious" and "belligerent" whilst another stated that he "kept trying to open the exit door to step outside and have a smoke." The man eventually continued to Chicago an hour later, and once again he was released without being charged, despite his reckless behaviour.

Do you think this man should have gone to prison because of his actions?

[Image via Christopher Parypa/Shutterstock]