Man Falls Onto Train Tracks, Bystanders Work Together To Save Him [Video]

After a man fell onto train tracks in a subway station in Atlanta, many bystanders were quick to cooperate to save the man.

It was shortly after 5:00 pm on Tuesday at the Five Points Station in Downtown Atlanta at the height of rush hour traffic in the afternoon when a man waiting for his train was seen to suddenly slump and fall off the subway platform as the next train was approaching.

MARTA security cameras recorded the incident.

Immediately concerned, other commuters could be seen to rush down to the tracks to help the fallen man in the video.

KSBY-TV reports that witnesses heard screams as the eastbound train continued to approach. A subway police officer, Deonte Robinson, says he heard the screams which alerted him about the man down on the tracks.

Officer Robinson says he hurried to the platform’s edge and frantically called over his radio for power to be cut to the rails to prevent electrocuting the fallen man.

Without confirming that the rail had been shut off, the officer jumped down into the tracks, taking care to avoid the electrified rails. He did not hesitate because, as Officer Robinson said, “I just saw a patron in distress.”

In the video you can see Robinson, with the help of other bystanders, lifting the unresponsive man out of the track. Fortunately, the incoming train was notified in time to stop outside the platform.

After the incident, the man was identified as 50-year-old Kenneth Hunter. He seemed intoxicated to police, but the man insisted he had experienced a bad reaction to pain medication, making him severely light-headed.

WXIA-TV Atlanta talked to the Hunter, curious to hear his story. Officer Hunter is a retired Army Major, having served in the first Gulf War in the early 90s. Reluctant to talk about his past, Hunter explained that he was taking pain medication for knee injuries from his years of service.

After the 50-year-old veteran man fell onto the train tracks and was rescued by alert officers and bystanders, Hunter thanks everyone for risking their lives to save his.

Watch the dramatic video below, captured on MARTA security cameras:

[Image via Wesley Fryer via photopin cc]