James Gandolfini Will Is Filed, His Legacy May Be $70 Million

James Gandolfini died suddenly at age 51 while on vacation with his 13-year-old son Michael in Rome, Italy. Despite his unexpected death, he left behind a recent and detailed will dated December 19, 2012 that will help his survivors properly divide his $70 million fortune.

According to a New York Daily News report, that will was filed Tuesday in Manhattan. Most of the money will go to Gandolfini’s wife and his two children. Gandolfini’s daughter Liliana is currently less than a year old.

Both the News and The New York Post have published the complete copies of the will online. You’re welcome to inspect them for yourself by clicking the links. However, don’t expect to find too many surprises among the legalese. It’s pretty standard stuff, with most of the money going to his wife and children.

Michael will apparently get his share of the estate through a trust fund that will manage the money for him until he turns 21. He also gets his father’s clothes and jewelry and the right to buy his father’s West Village condo in New York. A parking space is included.

Michael and Liliana will have equal shares in their father’s estate in Italy when she turns 25. The will asks that the two siblings consider owning and sharing the property to keep it in the Gandolfini family as long as possible.

Numerous assistants and family members were also called out for generous legacies under the terms of The Sopranos star’s will.

Although it’s the first and probably most important document to be filed in settling the $70 million estate, it may take time to figure out just how much property James Gandolfini left behind to be distributed to his heirs.

Therefore, several more court filings regarding Gandolfini’s will may come up as a matter of routine in the future.

James Gandolfini was laid to rest at a funeral on June 27 at Cathedral of St. John the Divine in Manhattan.

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