Stoneham Shooting: Special Forces Vet Killed, Friend Wounded

A Shooting incident in Stoneham, Massachusetts, on Wednesday morning has left one army veteran dead and another wounded.

Even though the names of the victims are yet to be confirmed by the Middlesex District Attorney’s office a family friend identified the deceased as Joseph Puopolo, aged 26. The friend, Joseph Alessandro told reporters that Puopolo was in the special forces, having recently returned home from missions in Afghanistan.

The shooting occurred at a private residence on Michas Pond Way in Stoneham at 1.30 a.m. when the victim of the Stoneham shooting was visiting the house of friend. Joseph Puopolo and the friend were both shot, there is no word yet as to the condition of the friend.

Alessandro, who is the Godfather of the man that was killed said: “The entire family is devastated. It’s going to be a mess. I don’t believe it. His birthday was last week. He just came home from Afghanistan and now this had to happen. Twenty-six years old.”

Three local men have been arrested and are being questioned in connection with the Stoneham shooting. One, Aniston Harrison, was arrested by the police at the site of the incident for carrying a knife and possessing marijuana. Two of the three men are to face the Woburn District Court this afternoon.

MaryBeth Long, a Spokesperson from the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office said in a brief statement: “It does not appear to be random.”

The details of the events which led up to the shooting incident are yet to become clear as police continue with their investigation.

The fact that victim was only 26 years old is bad enough. Do you think that regardless of the motives behind the Stoneham shooting it is that much worse as the victim was a special forces operative for the U.S. army? Offer your thoughts in comments below.

[Video courtesy of: WCVBtv]