Iran hosts government sponsored warez server

According to Ernesto over at TorrentFreak it seems that Iranians have full access to all of the best software you could possibly want. Not only do they have access but that access is to a government sponsored public FTP server under the stewardship of The Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology.

Make no mistake, these are the full versions of software like Photoshop, Microsoft Office along with far too many others to list here. The reason the government can do this is because Iran has one of the strangest copyright laws around. As long as the software has not been written by an Iranian then Iran doesn’t accept or enforce any copyright law of foreign software.

Not only does this apply to software but also to movies and music as Ernesto writes in his post:

Since 2001 Iran has been a member of the WIPO, and has acceded to several WIPO intellectual property treaties. However, the Iranian Government never signed the WIPO copyright treaty and other international copyright agreements that would make copying of foreign products unlawful.

This means that Iranians can share movies, music and applications as much as they like, as long as the copyright is not owned by an Iranian. In fact, even Government agencies actively help to distribute these works among the public, most notably the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology

The Iranian government might have no compunction in cutting off their people from the Internet for the slightest reason but they make sure at the same time that you have the best software available with working cracks and serials.