July 3, 2013
Megyn Kelly Makes Big Move, What's Next For Fox's Outspoken Star?

Fox's Megyn Kelly will have a big desk change when she gets back from maternity leave (a subject on which she has passionately broken conservative ranks in the past), ascending to join the network's key anchors in a primetime slot.

Megyn Kelly is generally on message for Fox News, but the blonde anchor has, in the past, engaged in some sharp critique of her co-stars in prior segments.

In a statement announcing Kelly's new prospects, Fox said this week:

Megyn is an exceptional talent who has successfully filled and surpassed each role we have given her at the network ... Her ability to command the screen, delve into the facts and lead a debate is what makes her one of the most sought-after anchors in the business.
Media Matters For America is a progressive media watchdog, and both Megyn Kelly and Fox predictably land in the crosshairs of their coverage on a frequent basis.

MMFA looked at Kelly's career at Fox, admitting that the anchor seems unafraid to, on occasion, step out of the conservative narrative and provide a strong progressive counterpoint:

"Kelly has received praise -- including from Media Matters -- for the rare moments when she broke through Fox's conservative noise machine, particularly on women's rights issues. Her sharp questioning of Fox personalities Lou Dobbs and Erick Erickson over their sexist criticism of the finding that a record number of women are becoming their families' primary breadwinner and her confrontation with radio host Mike Gallagher over his claim that her maternity leave was 'a racket' were riveting television that promoted progressive values."

However, MMFA also cites Megyn Kelly's "steady drumbeat of conspiratorial scandalmongering" amid similar coverage over at Fox on matters such as the Benghazi attack.

Are you a regular viewer of Megyn Kelly's over on Fox? Do you look forward to her new gig?