Kristen Stewart Reveals New Tattoos At Fashion Week

Twi-hards may be freaking out about Robert Pattinson’s potential new girlfriend but Kristen Stewart doesn’t seem to be bothered by the rumors. The actress was all smiles this weekend as she showed off a few new tattoos at fashion week in Paris.

Most people turned up to the Chanel show in Paris to watch the models on the runway but K-Stew managed to steal some of the attention with some skimpy mini-shorts and a stylish white jacket. The actress was also spotted sporting a few new tattoos.

Perez Hilton reports that Stewart got her new tattoos in Nashville a few days before she hopped on a plane to Paris. Both of the tattoos are on her wrists. One of the tats is an infinity symbol and the other is merely four little lines.

The Hollywood Life notes that the four little lines are probably an homage to the ’70s punk band Black Flag. Stewart has been spotted wearing the band’s t-shirt in the past and the symbol resembles the Black Flag logo.

The infinity symbol could mean any number of things. Stewart recently broke up with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson so maybe it’s a reminder that life moves on.

Here’s a photo of Kristen Stewart’s new tattoo from Pride And Glory Tattoo’s Instagram page.

kristen stewartkristen stewert

Ok, so it’s pretty hard to see the tattoos in those photos. Here’s another look courtesy of Twitter.

[クリステン・スチュワート]この写真は”Kristenの新しいTattooで、4本の線はRobと付き合っていた4年間を表しているのでは?”と言われていますが、皆さんはどう思いますか? #KristenStewart

— TWILIGHT FAN JPN (@uchapatsubasa2) July 2, 2013

[クリステン・スチュワート]One of new pics of Kristen Stewart. her new tattoo,”Infinity”

— TWILIGHT FAN JPN (@uchapatsubasa2) July 3, 2013

What do you think of Kristen Stewart’s new tattoos? Do you think they have anything to do with Robert Pattinson and his potential new girlfriend Riley Keough?