‘Real’ Peter Griffin Wows Fans At New York ComiCon

The man showed up at New York’s ComicCon in 2012 wearing Peter Griffin’s trademark white shirt and green pants. Just like the cartoon character, the ComiCon fan had absolutely no problem saying the most inappropriate things possible.

The real Peter Griffin gives a shout out to New York and the ComiCon event proclaiming:

“Screw Quahog, screw the Drunken Clam, I’m getting drunk in Manhattan baby.”

While the Family Guy fan definitely sounds like Peter Griffin his jokes aren’t quite on par with Seth MacFarlane’s brand of humor, still we commend the guy for nailing Griffin’s persona.

Since being uploaded by YouTube user Kirkout01, the popular video has received more than 200,000 views.

YouTube viewers have given the real Peter Griffin his props, although one commenter jokes:

“This is good. But what I want to see is the real Brian.”

If you are unfamiliar with the Family Guy cartoon series Brian is the family’s talking dog who acts more like a human than a dog.

Check out the “real” Peter Griffin video and let us know what you think.