July 3, 2013
Breaking Amish Stars Return To Pennsylvania, But Kate Stoltzfus Chooses Maxim

The Breaking Amish cast members are headed in different directions.

On the season finale of Breaking Amish: Brave New World, stars Abe Schmucker and Rebecca Byler made the surprising decision to leave their family --- who recently left the church to go to Florida --- and instead return to a non-Amish life in Pennsylvania.

But Kate Stoltzfus made an even more shocking decision --- she would leave behind the conservative Amish lifestyle and embark on a life in modeling, starting with a Maxim photo shoot.

It's an ending that critics of Breaking Amish would say they saw coming. The show was dogged with allegations that the 20-something Amish who appeared on the show had already broken with their old church and community before producers plucked them down in New York City.

Painted as the wallflower overwhelmed by the big city, Kate Stoltzfus grew more confident before viewers. Last season the Lancaster, Pennsylvania, native went to the Museum of Sex and gathered up the courage to appear in a bikini.

But now the Breaking Amish star is going a lot further, appearing in shorts and a skimpy top for a Maxim shoot. In her interview with the magazine Stolzfus talked about overcoming her conservative ways.

"Before I had even signed a contract with a modeling agency, I did a test shoot to see if I could photograph well, and the first outfit they put me in was a bathing suit!" Stolzfus said. "I have to admit it was a little intimidating, but now I enjoy doing it."

Kate Stoltzfus said her fit physique is a result of the typical Amish lifestyle.

"There are definitely a lot of Amish women who have great bodies, because they work hard," she said. "They also eat really healthy, since they grow their own food. That’s one big thing I miss about home, being able to garden and take care of plants."

But Kate isn't ready to head back to the Amish lifestyle, or even follow Abe and Rebecca back to a simple Pennsylvania existence.

“Kate hates her cast mates from Breaking Amish," a source told Us Weekly. "She has no camaraderie with them, she can’t really relate anymore. She has big dreams and they aren’t in line with everyone else.”

Pictures of Breaking Amish star Kate Stoltzfus can be found online at the Maxim website.