MLB Umpire Brian Runge Fired For Drug Violation

MLB umpire Brian Runge was recently fired for failing a drug test.

The 14-year veteran was let go after he failed to adhere to an agreement that allowed him to stay employed by the organization. The ruling is considered to be the first of its kind in baseball.

According to The Associated Press, the MLB umpire was fired after failing at least one drug test. Although he reached an agreement with the league to keep his job, reports suggest Runge didn’t comply with the terms. This ultimately resulted in his termination.

Representatives for MLB did not release any details about the umpire’s firing. Union president Joe West also refused to comment on the situation. For the time being, it appears that specifics into the umpire’s firing are being kept under wraps.

SB Nation reports that Major League Baseball officials have already found a replacement for Brian Runge. Triple-A umpire Chris Conroy was tapped as his replacement.

Runge did not serve as umpire for any big-league games this season. Due to an injury to his knee, he was reassigned to the Triple-A division. He was expected to return to his regular position with the MLB once his injury had healed.

According to Yahoo! Sports, Brian Runge comes from a long line of umpires. His father served as a National League umpire from 1973 until 1997. Grandfather Ed Runge worked three World Series during his time with the league. He served as an umpire from 1954 until 1970.

Unfortunately for Runge, umpires are subject to the same rules and regulations as players. The Associated Press points out that several MLB players missed games due to failed drug tests. To make matters worse, 26 minor league players have been suspended this year for drug violations.

What do you think about MLB umpire Brian Runge getting fired for failing at least one drug test? Do you believe umpires should be held to the same standards as players?

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