China traffic jam enters 9th day

Long Islanders with spotty LIRR service are pissed off today because they’ve got to find an alternate way home- but did you hear about the 60-plus mile-long traffic jam in China that’s in its 9th day?

The mother of all gridlocks is said to be down to- what else?- road work. The traffic jam has also been blamed on increased traffic during this period and some minor accidents and similar issues. You think your commuting delays are a bitch? The traffic jam is expected to ease when construction wraps up. In mid-September. It sounds kind of like Oregon Trail, but with fewer cool sound effects.

One of the main complaints heard from motorists stuck in the traffic jam is price gouging- apparently enterprising souls looking to make a quick buck are charging stranded drivers and passengers a whole lot of money for things like food and water:

“Instant noodles are sold at four times the original price while I wait in the congestion,” one trucker said, describing the inflated prices caused him to suffer “double blows.”

No word on where all these poor people are peeing.