Mitch McConnell's Auto-Tuned Attack Ad Is Awful Yet Entertaining

You know what politics needs more of? Mitch McConnell turning his attack ads into auto-tuned disasters.

The United States Senate incumbent released the attack ad on Tuesday and its probably good that his campaign disabled YouTube comments.

The 90-second video is titled  "What Rhymes With Alison Lundergan Grimes?" and it was posted to McConnell's official YouTube channel .

The video edits together a bunch of clips in which Grimes keeps saying her own name and the word "me."

As the auto-tuned video plays the words "Not Ready for Prime Time" are flashed on the screen alongside  "Sticks to Party Line" and "Left Wing Mime."

In what be the strangest moment of the auto-tuned attack ad footage is doctored to show Grimes dancing with President Obama.

In an awkward attempt to explain why Mitch McConnell is using a type of technology he likely doesn't understand spokesman Jesse Benton explains:

"Alison Lundergan Grimes spent months agonizing over whether she was interested in a Senate run, but after doing her ‘due diligence,’ she failed to prepare any materials or message to announce her campaign. She had no signs, no website, no speech, no policy positions, nothing. We, at Team Mitch, are nothing if not magnanimous, so decided to welcome her to the race with what we imagine her campaign theme song might be.”

The auto-tune attack ad arrived after Grimes ran a 2011 ad in which she asked "What rhymes with Alison Lundergan Grimes."

I'm all for a fun loving auto-tune video, heck I'll even laugh at a video that takes a serious subject and makes it funny. Unfortunately for Mitch McConnell his team cobbled together a poorly created auto-tune video that misses the mark completely.

What do you think of Mitch McConnell's auto-tuned attack ad, did his campaign go to far to make a valid point?