Elvis Presley’s Granddaughter Riley Keough Is Friend, Rival To Kristen Stewart

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough may have stolen Kristen Stewart’s man, but Kristen’s definitely stolen some of Keough’s acting parts.

Rumors say that the granddaughter of The King has been dating Robert Pattinson, whose on-again off-again relationship with Stewart appears to be off, again. Reports said the Twilight actor was seen with a “mystery woman” in recent days, with fingers pointing to Elvis Presley’s granddaughter as that woman.

“They’re inseparable,” a source told the Daily Mail. “Rob loves the fact that Riley is Elvis’s granddaughter – that’s true Rock’n’Roll royalty in his eyes.

“They have a lot in common — they both love LA, London, rock music and table tennis.”

If the rumor is true, it would be quite a blow to Stewart. She and Keough became friends after appearing in the 2010 indie film The Runaways together. Kristen played Joan Jett in the movie while Keough played Marie Currie, the twin sister and recording partner of Runaways singer Cherie Currie.

But though they get along well, Keough is also a rival to Kristen Stewart. The two have competed for parts in the past, with Stewart beating out the granddaughter of Elvis for the lead in Snow White and the Huntsman.

“It’s definitely challenging,” Keough said of competing with Stewart for roles.

But Keough holds her own. She appeared in the surprisingly successful Magic Mike last year, and has roles lined up in Jack & Diane and alongside Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Though she’s already made a name in the modeling world — and left it behind when she got into acting — the granddaughter of Elvis Presley said she doesn’t feel any pressure to live up to her famous lineage.

“I didn’t want her to have that shadow where she felt competition and intimidated by anything,” mom Lisa Marie said during an appearance with Riley on The Oprah Winfrey Show  in 2007. “I wanted [my children] to be able to do what they wanted to do.”