CBS Newsman Harold Dow dies, asthma blamed

CBS News correspondent Harold Dow died suddenly last weekend at the age of 62.

New Jersey resident Dow, a “staple” on CBS property 48 Hours, passed away on Saturday. The newsman is survived by a wife and three children, and reports indicate cause of death is thought to have been an asthma attack. Dow spoke of his lengthy, distinguished career to press in June, discussing his experiences witnessing some of the world’s most pivotal events- including having barely escaped a falling tower on the morning of September 11th, 2001:

“I’ve traveled all over the world. I’ve seen things few people in life get a chance to see up front and personal,” Mr. Dow told The Record in June, in his distinctive, deep voice. “I covered the tsunami in Sri Lanka. I was in South Africa when Nelson Mandela was freed. I traveled with him across the United States when he gave his tour. There’s just moments, places I’ve been that I think truly changed my life.”

Susan Zirinsky, executive producer of 48 Hours, spoke in a statement about Dow’s unexpected passing:

“Harold was a reporter for the ages. Insatiably curious, he was happiest when he was on the road, deep into a story. He took pride in every story he did… It was his humanity, which was felt by everyone he encountered, even in his toughest interviews, that truly defined the greatness of his work. He was the most selfless man I have known. It is a tremendous loss for “48 Hours,” CBS News, and the world of journalism. I miss him already.”