July 3, 2013
Pebble Smartwatch Goes On Sale At Best Buy On July 7

The popular Pebble smartwatch is making its way to store shelves via Best Buy. The smartwatch goes on sale July 7 and marks the first time that buyers don't have to pre-order their Pebble smartwatch and then wait months to receive a shipment.

The Pebble smartwatch became an instant hit when it raised $10.2 million from 68,000 Kickstarter backers. In May, the team at Pebble receive an addition $15 million during a brand new funding round.

The Pebble smartwatch connects to iOS and Android devices over bluetooth and uses e-ink technology to prolong its battery life while delivering a constant stream of mobile device message updates.

While the smartwatch does not run native apps for iOS and Android, the watch does feature several options that have been created using the Pebble software development kit.

The Pebble Best Buy deal is being called an "exclusive retail launch partnership." That term leaves us wondering if the smartwatch will remain the sole product of Best Buy's sales channels or if other partnerships may be in the company's future.

The first Pebble smartwatch to arrive at Best Buy will be the Jet Black version. In August, the Cherry Red Pebble will also land on store shelves. Pebble also offers Orange, Grey, and Arctic White options on its website.

Alternative color options will be fulfilled for Kickstarter buyers before they make their way to Best Buy store shelves.

Pebble says Best Buy sales are expected to "relieve some demand" from the pre-order queue.

Along with running device specific apps, the Pebble smartwatch also provides mobile users with phone and tablet notifications while acting as a remote control for various on-smartphone apps.

With users finally able to check out the Pebble smartwatch in person, Best Buy could find itself with a best seller on its hands.

Will you be heading out to Best Buy to pick up the Pebble smartwatch on July 7?