Lindsay Lohan Tweets From Birthday In Rehab To Thank Fans But Maybe Slams Mom

Lindsay Lohan turned 27 years old today in Cliffside Recovery in Malibu, forcing her to celebrate her birthday in the rehab facility where she is currently serving 90 days that will end on July 31.

Even though she’s gone for the time being, Lohan is not forgotten. Countless fans got together on Twitter to send her birthday greetings today using the #happybdaylilo hashtag. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

As you can see below, Lohan took the time to send a thank you tweet to her fans, telling them that she’s reading the happy birthday messages on Twitter.

So that’s nice. And I’ve also posted just a few of the many messages she got from her loyal supporters. They’re well aware that she’s celebrating her birthday in rehab, but they want Lindsay Lohan to know that they still believe in her.

So it’s all very sweet. But then Lindsay Lohan dropped another tweet, coupled to an Instagram picture. It’s a shout-out to her mom, but the note on the Instagram picture strikes me as just a little bit…off:

“Happy birthday to the best mommy anyone can ever ask for. You truly are such a role model and inspiration to me. Thanks for making me the crazy b***h i am today!! Happy 27th hope it’s fab because you deserve it.”

Someone who knows Lohan better than I do will have to figure out if that can possibly be anything other than bitter sarcasm. Does Lilo blame her mom for setting her on the path that led to celebrating a birthday locked up in rehab?

UPDATE: Wow. That was fast. The puzzling second tweet has been explained. It is not, in fact, addressed from Lindsay Lohan to her mom. It’s to a fan called Anthony Spears who also created the Instagram collage and oddball note. Apparently, he’s the one calling Lilo his “mom.” And you can read a whole lot more about the exchange between Lohan and Spears right here.

Here’s the first tweet:

Reading your #happybdaylilo tweets. These are awesome! Thank you guys. Happy bday July babies!

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) July 2, 2013

And here’s the Mom tweet:

Before I go. Thanks @LOHANTHONY #happybdaylilo #teamlohan

— Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) July 2, 2013

And here’s the whackadoo collage:

Lindsay Lohan
bizarre Lindsay Lohan birthday instagram

And here are a few kind thoughts from Lohan’s patient fans:

#HappyBdayLilo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are an inspiration for this world!

— Emylin Jeen (@EmylinJeen) July 2, 2013

happy birthday @lindsaylohan -Xxx, Nicole #happybdaylilo

— Nicole Miller (@NicoleMillerNYC) July 2, 2013

I think we all hope it’s the last birthday Lindsay Lohan will ever have to spend in rehab.

[Lindsay Lohan via Instagram]
[Lindsay Lohan photo by s_bukley /]