In The Spirit Of Independence Day, Words That Can Get Americans In Trouble In The UK

American English and British English are very similar but also very different and not only because of the accent.

Certain everyday words have completely different meaning when spoken across the pond, and you can get in some trouble if you say them in the wrong place.

In order to keep things making some sense we have chosen several popular categories.

Insults – you must be aware of these in case someone levels one at you or you say the wrong word to the wrong person.
-Arse (a**)
-Arsehole (a-hole)
-clear off (get lost)
-dim or dimwit (stupid)
-duff (useless)
-fanny (female genitalia)
-get lost (F*** off)
-twit (idiot)
-on your bike (f*** off)
-nitwit (idiot)
-put a sock in it (shut up)

Swear words – some are better known than others.

Sex – this one if the most colorful categories as you will see reading the list.
-getting off
-hanky pnaky
-how’s your father? (for real)
-rumpy pumpy

Double meaning – for this category we need to put definitions, some are not that obvious.
-goolie (testicles)
-John Thomas (penis)
-knob (penis)
-knock up (wake someone up)
-love bite (hickies)
-birds (girls)
-nancy boy (gay man)
-pavement pizza (vomit)
-PTO (please turn over)
-pull (looking for girls or boys)
-pussy (cat)
-willy (penis)
-slapper (tramp)
-smarmy (smooth)
-stiffy (erection)
-tool (penis)
-stuff (who cares?)
-todger (penis)
-engaged (busy)
-dog’s bullocks (fantastic)
-fagged (bothered)
-full monty (all the way)

Greetings – can be quite colorful and very varied.
-cheerios (goodbye)
-hiya (hi)
-pip pip (goodbye)
-ta (thanks)
-tara (goodbye)
-toddle pipe (goodbye)

Drunk – when people have to much to drink, there are many expressions used to describe the event.
-on the piss
-piss up
-rat arsed

Admiration – these can also be confusing for the ignorant, so read and learn.
-dishy (good looking)
-duck (pronounced dook, dear, love)
-fancy (desire, admire)
-luvvly jubbly (lovely)

Funny – as if the words already listed are not funny enough, here are some additional loose words.
-crusty dragon (booger)
-easy peasy (easy, a snap)
-bum (behind)
-cheeky (smarty pants)

Mad and Nasty – the British have clear expressions when they’re mad or want to say something nasty. Have you heard of any of these?
-belt up (shut up)
-cheesed off (p**ssed off)
-gutted (upset)
-narked (p**ssed)
-biggie (poo)
-blow off (farted)
-puff (fart)
-smeg (no translation, bodily secretion)
-waz (pee)

British slang is full of colorful terms that can keep things interesting. If you visit England, keep this list handy lest you run into trouble for saying the wrong thing unintentionally.

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