Flipboard Didn’t Lose Your Google Reader Data

Flipboard wants former Google Reader users to know that the company did not lose their Reader data.

As part of the company’s iOS and Android platform updates, Flipboard last week began offering Google Reader users the option to import their data feeds. The company began accepting the requests and ended the program before Google Reader shut down on July 1.

Flipboard as a platform aggregates news feeds into a magazine-style format.

As part of the data transfer program, Flipboard promised to convert feeds into a format that could be easily used via its sleek platform.

On Tuesday, Flipboard users logged in to discover that their Google Reader data was not showing up in their feeds. Users quickly took to the web to complain and freak out that their feeds had been deleted.

Following the initial apocalyptic battle cry from Google Reader users, a Flipboard spokesperson issued the following statement:

“We have all the feeds; nothing is lost. People can access their folders and feeds. At the moment, only the summary feed called ‘All Feeds’ is not working for everyone.”

Flipboard ran into issues because “millions of Google Reader” users were transferring millions of Google Reader folders at one time. Repopulating all of those RSS folders slowed the transfer process and delayed Google Reader output for Flipboard users.

Flipboard representatives say Google Reader folders will be fully restored by the end of the day, although company founder Mike McCue admits that it is “definitely taking longer than we thought.”

Have you bee able to access your Google Reader feeds via the iOS or Android apps for Flipboard?