Jim Standridge, Baptist Preacher, Insults His Entire Congregation One By One [Viral Video]


It’s pretty rare to go to church and have your pastor call out the entire congregation one by one (and by name) for everything from poor attendance to cheapskate tithing, but that was the scene at Jim Standridge’s Baptist church on Sunday.

The video was actually taken on May 19, 2013 and shows an angry Standridge at the pulpit of Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook, Oklahoma, insulting his entire congregation, confronting them in the audience, and excoriating them one by one.

Of course, he does offer some “love” for each insulted member after he finishes tearing them down, and the whole thing is probably some sort of message about luke-warm faith practices, but it’s pretty shocking to see Standridge tear through people he otherwise calls his “friends” like this.

He understands he is being recorded, part way though his sermon asking if the video is still on. He then seems to let up on his tirade some, complimenting “young Cox” in the video booth for spending thankless hours in the church’s AV room.

Standridge then blurts “But he has a little attitude adjustment that we’re going to fix! […] I don’t have a better friend than your momma, but momma you get out of my way when I’m messing with that boy.”

Good lord!

The video has gone viral with over 200,000 hits on YouTube, with many commenters left completely speechless by the tirade.

One pointed out that “young Cox” was likely the one who put the video online. There might be something to that.

Check out Jim Standridge’s epic rant against his Baptist congregation below: