Kyle Busch sweeps weekend at Bristol

Kyle Busch has notched another NASCAR record. This week all three of NASCAR’s National Touring series converged on the track in Bristol, Tennessee. The one thing they had in common, Kyle Busch won them all. It is a feat that has never been done, and one that is not very likely to happen again any time soon. Unless of course Kyle can go out and do it again. This feat solidifies Kyle has the biggest NASCAR star of his era. Remember he was the first NASCAR driver to win a race in the COT machine, and whatever other records Kyle sets this one will be one of the most special.

Bristol is not an easy place to win one race, much less three in the same racing weekend. When we stop to think of the adversary he faced during the weekend this feat becomes even more legendary. Sure he won the pole for the truck race, but pre race adjustments made him start from the back of the pack. Passing 35 racing trucks at Bristol is a nearly impossible thing to do. He ended up leading 116 of the 206 laps in that race.

In the Nationwide Series race he started third, and when we factor in a late race squabble with Brad Keselowski it seem unreal that Kyle was able to keep the fenders on his car, and run for the win. He led 116 laps of the 250 laps run at Bristol Friday night.
In the Sprint Cup series race Kyle started 19th. Passing 18 of the finest drivers the world over at a place like Bristol is nearly impossible. Keeping the car intact, the fenders on it and avoiding everyone else’s mistakes is also nearly impossible.

I cannot believe Kyle went out and did this, and if he were more likable amongst NASCAR fans, they would be celebrating the feat this kid just accomplished. Regardless of his standing with the fans, this is an accomplishment that warrants our admiration. Great Job Kyle, it has been a lot of fun watching you race this past few years.

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