July 3, 2013
Russian Driver Smashes Into Two Cows 'Getting Busy' [Dash Cam Video]

Bovine love was in the air (and on the road) when a driver in Russia was unable to avoid crashing into two cows, one of whom was mounting the other.

The interrupted sex act -- sometimes politely called in flagrante delicto -- was captured on dashboard camera video.

The copulating cows must have been carried away by lust -- or perhaps the female was trying to avoid the amorous attentions of the bull -- and wandered out in the roadway. The motorist jammed on the brakes as anyone driver would do but the humping cattle had already reached the point of no return shall we say. The female got the worst of the impact but seemed to walk away from the accident along with the other cows. The driver of the vehicle appeared to be okay too.

For some time now, Russian dash cameras have provided unique and even shocking YouTube videos for internet consumption. Another such video recently captured an incident when a a youngish black bear wandered out into a roadway in a rural area and was hit head-on by a car or a van and sent flying.

Have you ever wondered why dash cams are in such heavy use in Russia? Blogger Marina Galperina, a New Yorker who is from Russia, last year provided some insight on her home country's dash-cam culture: "In Russia, everyone should have a camera on their dashboard. It’s better than keeping a lead pipe under your seat for protection (but you might still want that lead pipe). The conditions of Russian roads are perilous, with insane gridlock in cities and gigantic ditches, endless swamps and severe wintry emptiness on the backroads and highways. Then there are large, lawless areas you don’t just ride into, the police with a penchant for extortion and deeply frustrated drivers who want to smash your face."

Galperina added that dash-cam footage in general provides good evidence in a court of law and for stingy insurance companies.

Do you think the cows should have looked both ways before having sex?