Asian Wig Bandit Sought, LAPD Offers $25K Reward [Video]

The so-called Asian Wig Bandit is wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department for at least 15 armed robberies committed across California. Eleven of the robberies were committed in Los Angeles County, with eight of them taking place within the city itself.

On Monday, the LAPD announced that they would pay a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

So you might want to take a real good look at the above surveillance video posted to YouTube by the LAPD.

According to them, the Asian wig bandit is dressed as a female. Maybe or maybe not, but he’s definitely wearing a wig.

He has earned his nickname because he alternately chooses a black or blonde wig to conceal his head.

A brief LAPD statement said that he has robbed a string of remittance businesses since December 2012:

“The suspect walks into a business disguised as a female wearing a wig and sunglasses and as he approaches the employees he pulls out a handgun, orders them to the ground, and demands money and jewelry.”

In a more extensive LAPD statement, they said that he appears to target businesses sending money to the Phillipines. Although he usually uses a handgun, he reportedly used a Taser on one occasion.

In offering the $25,000 reward, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti explained:

“This bandit presents a serious threat to the public…I want this bandit identified, caught, and convicted before his crimes escalate.”

He’s described as being a male Asian from 25-30 years old who weighs between 160-180 pounds. His car is a light-colored BMW SUV.

If you have information to share about the suspect, you can call Robbery Homicide Division Detectives Freddy Arroyo or Daniel Jaramillo at (213) 486-6840. Anyone who has information but wishes to remain anonymous should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (800-222-8477) to report what they know about the Asian wig bandit.

[money background photo by 401(K) via Flickr, Wikimedia]