Chris Christie Not Expecting Much From Next Election


Chris Christie is a busy guy lately, making a handful of controversial decisions while he organizes his playlists on Spotify. But the otherwise-popular New Jersey governor knows he’s a firebrand, and even admitted recently that he doesn’t expect to win by all that much in the next election.

This November, Christie will be facing off against Democratic nominee Barbara Buono, and said over the weekend that he doesn’t think he’ll win by much more than 40 points. He said he would be happy winning just over 50 percent of the vote in New Jersey, pointing out that a majority vote for a Republican in the state would be a first.

“Let’s keep in context what big means for a Republican in New Jersey. No Republican statewide candidate has gotten 50 percent plus one vote since George (Herbert Walker) Bush in 1988,” Christie remarked on NJTV.

Christie does boast a 30 point lead over Buono already, but what’s most interesting about the upcoming governor election is that despite the Democrats’ attempts to unify behind Buono, many have actually jumped the partisan line to support Christie, including two of the state’s most powerful Democrats.

Still, Christie has somewhat declined since boasting high bipartisan popularity following Hurricane Sandy. He has also made a few controversial remarks and decisions lately, from blasting the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision to flat-out vetoing Obamacare in his state and criticizing President Obama for being a poor leader.

What do you think of Chris Christie? Does he have the next election in the bag, or will it be a close one for him? Sound off!

[Image via: L.E. Mormile / Shutterstock]