Lance Berkman Falls Out Of Rangers Plane, Injures Knee Again

Lance Berkman fell out of the Texas Ranger plane, injuring his right knee again.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Lance Berkman was signed to the Texas Rangers to the tune of $11 million dollars.

Before the Texas Rangers contract for one year Lance Berkman was a free agent. Still, injuries have been following Lance Berkman around like a plague.

Lance Berkman injured his left calf last season and has undergone four surgeries on his right knee over the last couple seasons.

While playing with the St. Louis Cardinals Lance Berkman appeared in only 32 games. But last season Berkman batted .301 with 31 homers and 94 RBIs with a .959 OPS.

Lance Berkman suffered his newest injury to the right knew in a tumble on the team’s charter plane after arriving home from New York on Thursday night. Someone asked Lance Berkman if it was a freak accident and he replied, “No premeditated.” Still not as potentially epic as “I used to be a baseball player, but then I took an arrow to the knee.”

Joking aside, Lance Berkman’s newest knee injury supposedly won’t put him on the Texas Rangers disabled list. But Berkman has been dealing with soreness and he says, “It doesn’t tolerate trauma that well. It hurts.”

Lance Berkman has only been in two out of nine of the recent Rangers games. His batting average has dropped all the way down to .263.

What do you think Lance Berkman should do?