Halo Reach Leaked Before Release Date, Spoilers Hit The Web

Halo has a horrible history of leaking before the games official arrival (see Halo 1, 2 and 3) and that’s exactly what’s happened with the game series newest title Halo Reach. Then again it’s easy to see how a game leak can occur when copy’s of the game are placed on the companies own game series for $1,250 for review purposes.

The download friendly review copy of Halo Reach was only on Microsoft servers for several days and required a code to activate the game, a code that was quickly circumvented by modders who were able to download the game at will.

The biggest problem with the hack? Spoilers are popping up all over the web and those spoilers are just gaining more steam as the days go on. However, my guess is that considering this is the culmination of the Halo Universe fans won’t care about the spoilers and sales records will once again be set or at least closed in on.