Kaley Cuoco And Henry Cavill Are ‘The Perfect Couple’

Kaley Cuoco knows how to pick ’em. The Big Bang Theory beauty is creating a lot of buzz this week through her relationship with Henry Cavill.

Multiple sources have revealed that the real-life “Superman” has been dating Cuoco for over a month. The rumored couple hasn’t confirmed their relationship just yet, but some believe they are a very suitable match.

“Henry and Kaley already seem like the perfect couple,” an inside source told Radar Online.

The celebrity duo obviously enjoys each other’s work too, as Cuoco took to Twitter in June to tell her followers to go see the new Man of Steel movie. Cavill is also rumored to be a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory.

The interesting match also had a connection before they even met.

“Henry has always thought Kaley is beautiful and the crush before they even met each other was mutual,” the insider added. “Now that they’re dating, they’re completely in lust with each other.”

Kaley Cuoco has made a name for herself while co-starring in The Big Bang Theory, but she’s stepped her game up to the big screen, at least in terms of her relationship.

Henry Cavill is taking off within the industry after landing the role of Superman and he’s sure to receive plenty of offers after Man of Steel’s success at the box office. He’s already signed on for The Man From U.N.C.L.E and he’s also preparing for a future role in the mystery flick, The Great Wall.

Cuoco is still riding her TV show though she’s also starring in the upcoming comedy Authors Anonymous.

The news of her relationship with Cavill comes just after his break-up with Gina Carano. The former couple were dating for nearly 10 months before they split in May.

It looks like Cuoco has joined the wonderful world of celebrity dating. Henry Cavill has become a worldwide star since the release of Man of Steel, but the news of his relationship with Kaley Cuoco has brought about even more attention than his recent flick.

[Image via Steven Swafford]