The Snazzy Napper: if Snuggies and burqas mated

As a person who generally sleeps with a pillow over her face, I can deeply appreciate the desire for a “Snazzy Napper.”

But the internet had a field day with the “Snuggie,” a sort of full body blanket-suit for people that found sweats too dressy, and this thing is even more redonkulous looking. The “Snazzy Napper,” however, can work with dressier attire… so there’s that? It’s basically a blanket that straps to your face, but get this- it has a nosehole. Is that what those are called? A ventilation slit? In any event, it won’t fall off your face, like a pillow, and doesn’t require ninja-level blanket on face wrapping skills, like rigging bedclothes to block light. And you can breathe. Genius!

The “Snazzy Napper” does seem to be a bit thin for serious light blockage- were I to invest in a specific item merely to indulge my ongoing hatred of sun and sunshine, I’d want an assurance the hateful daylight wouldn’t leak into my sunshield. I’m not sure exactly how much light blockage $14.99 plus shipping and handling buys you. If you want your “Snazzy Napper” to double as a blanket, it will run you a bit more- $24.99 for an extra large “Snazzy Napper,” thank you very much.

If only Billy Mays was here to describe it, I’m sure all “Snazzy Napper” ambivalence would disappear. Sigh.