Robert Gill's Treadmill Run Wows Arizona Cardinals Coaches

Undrafted 29-year-old rookie Robert Gill's treadmill run has grabbed the attention of the coaching staff at the Arizona Cardinals.

Gill was preparing for the upcoming NFL season this week when he was recorded during an outright sprint on the treadmill.

The Arizona Cardinals decided to sign Robert Gill because of his amazing sprinting capabilities. The franchise signed Gill despite the fact that he has never played college football.

Robert Gill's treadmill feat is even more amazing when we realize that he injured his hamstring only weeks before his filmed run.

Gill in his YouTube video was clocked at an astounding 25MPH. That speed is just 2MPH slower than world record sprinter Robert Gill.

Robert Gill was clocked at 4.17 seconds in the 40-yard dash. If that time is correct, he would be ahead of Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson, who set the NFL's 40-yard dash record in 2008 with a final time of 4.24 seconds. Johnson was drafted in the first round and he actually played college football.

While Gill never played college ball, he has spent the last five years playing in the Arena Football League (AFL) and AF2. Gill had been turned away by various NFL teams, the CFL, and even the UFL before the Arizona Cardinals decided to give him a chance. Rboert Gill's treadmill performance, 40-yard dash, and general speed have made him the oldest rookie in the NFL.

We're not exactly sure where Gill's treadmill performance will put him with the International Association of Athletics Federations, but it's probably pretty high up the list.

Do you think Robert Gill's treadmill performance was enough reason for the Arizona Cardinals to sign him to a three-year deal?