The Perfect Man: Surprise, A Doctor

What qualities make up your perfect man? Handsome, successful, and well-educated tend to be the most popular answers whenever you are sitting around with girlfriends over cocktails, pondering the nuances of dating and seeking out the ideal mate.

A new poll, conducted by 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair, surveyed 1,168 adults nationwide about the qualities they felt were most important in a mate: specifically making up the perfect man.

Respondents overwhelmingly felt chivalry was still alive and well by 63 percent when asked if “Chivalry was dead.” Chivalry was the traditional code of conduct associated with knighthood and arose to involve gallantry (being courageous and polite), honesty, and providing charitable service unto others.

These days we typically equate it with a man who will open a car or building door for a lady, help with a coat, and pick up a check.

Furthermore, the survey revealed men are most flawed when they drink to excess (46 percent), followed by having an angry temperament. Often when people heavily imbibe alcohol their inhibitions wane and jealous tempers can flare up.

Notably, anger was listed as the second most unappealing trait (21 percent), and the flaw most women would change in their men was listed as their temper (29 percent). There is nothing appealing about fights breaking out over the simplest of indiscretions such as accidentally pumping into another person in a crowded bar.

Ultimately, the perfect man resembled something close to a fictional doctor on ABC’s long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, reports the Daily Mail. Neurosurgeon Derek Christopher Shepherd, also referred to as McDreamy, is portrayed by actor Patrick Dempsey (featured).

His hot doctor façade, topped off with the full head of salt-and-pepper hair, met the majority of the most desired qualities (29 percent) in a television character women wanted to marry most: the looks, being well-educated (35 percent) and successful by 40. McDreamy beat out the likes of Mad Men’s Don Draper (3 percent), and Game of Thrones’ Robb Stark (3 percent).

Although education was deemed more important as a man matured, women still wanted them to be hard working (28 percent) and behave like a gentleman (27 percent). And when asked about men suffering a midlife crisis, 59 percent of women felt it was a poor excuse.

So what qualities make up your perfect man?

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