Animal Brothels On The Rise, Bestiality Considered A Lifestyle Choice [NSFW]

German Animal Protection officers are issuing dire warnings for the country concerning Animal Brothels that are starting to pop up around the country. Animal Protection officers in the German state of Hesse are growing more and more frustrated with the law in Germany which states that it is illegal to film bestiality porn but actual bestiality is still very much legal.

Animal Protection officer Madeleine Martin told the newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau that there needs to be new laws protecting animals from individuals who practice zoophilia, or, simply put, people who have sex with animals.

Martin further told the paper that “There are now animal brothels in Germany”. She said that a good portion of people she speaks to about enacting new laws to protect animals from bestiality believe that it is a “lifestyle” choice and not really for them to condemn.

The German government has already passed laws making having sex with an animal illegal, but the German courts have stayed their implementation pending litigation by zoophiles who want the laws overturned. The zoophiles claim that the laws unfairly restrict their rights to have loving relationships with their partners.

Michael Kiok and his partner Cissy recently took part in a demonstration outside the German Parliament to protest the new laws. Kiok’s partner Cissy is a dog. Kiol said in an interview “I found her advertised in a newspaper after my old dog passed away. We feel like criminals. This is all because of fanatical animal rights demonstrators who think we hurt the animals.”

German zoophile organization ZETA, or Zoophiles Engaging for Tolerance and Enlightenment, handed out leaflets encouraging human/animal relationships. The leaflets said that domesticated animals psychologically se humans as part of their pack and that having sex with them is not such a big deal. Their reasoning goes that an animal that can defend itself against sexual advances and doesn’t it is accepting of the advances.