Carrie Underwood Takes To Twitter To Talk Politics

Carrie Underwood did something she hasn’t done before: talk about politics on Twitter.

Celebrities voicing their opinion on the social media site is not unusual at all. However, for Carrie, it’s the first time.

In a departure from her more casual tweets, she became vocal about Tennessee’s Ag Gag bill that would require intentional documentation of animal abuse be handed over to law enforcement within 48 hours.

The former American Idol winner had stated that she was afraid to join Twitter over three years ago but, since doing so, has made use of it in more ways than just engaging with her fans.

In this instance, she used Twitter to oppose the “Ag Gag” bill in Tennessee, reaching out directly to Gov. Bill Haslam saying, “he needs to expect me at his front door.”

Carrie Underwood’s tweet got the intended attention, and the governor reached out to the country singer to discuss the issue and ended up vetoing the bill.

“He really just wanted to hear everybody’s point of view, which I really respected,” Underwood said in a recent interview. “So it’s kind of neat that the tweet led to that, which was really cool.”

Dave Smith, the spokesperson for Governor Haslam, said he spoke to people on both sides of the isle and that Underwood was the only celebrity that reached out to him.

The country star has also promoted the Hug a Soldier day campaign and End It, an anti-slavery and animals right movement.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a thinker and I’m a planner and I would never weigh in on anything unless I know the full story on it,” Underwood said. “So I do my research. I don’t think I’m a bandwagon kind of person. People are always retweeting sort of weird stuff. I do my own research. I’m not a political person at all. I doubt anyone can tell you what party I mostly affiliate myself with. But that was just something that was in my backyard.”

As far as the feedback, Carrie says that it’s mostly positive, with the occasional negative comment, which she is happy to block.

Do you think that Carrie Underwood was right in reaching out to Gov. Haslam?

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