Baseball Selfies Earn Girls Moment Of Internet Fame

A girl and her video which is being described as “Baseball selfies” went viral on Monday after she ran out onto the field with two other female friends during the College World Series.

The girls ran onto the field on Tuesday night, and, as they attempted to allude security guards, they recorded the act on video.

The girls talked about the possibility of taking baseball selfies on Twitter before and after the big run.

The three girls are Kayleigh Hill, Emily Hill, and Torrie Hill, and they’re from Omaha, Nebraska.

While UCLA won 8-0 over Mississippi to claim their first baseball title in school history, it is likely the Twitter comments and baseball selfies video that will be remembered.

Early into the College World Series, Kayleigh Hill said she would run onto the field with her female friends if they could raise enough money to cover the fine. Here are several messages that were posted and then later removed from Kayleigh’s Twitter account:

“2nd out we goin

— Kayleigh Hill (@gonedownHILL) June 26, 2013″

“End of the 6th, kayleigh torrie and I are running on the field. Watch for us

— Emily Hill (@mothafukaimhILL) June 26, 2013″

“This ones for you bowk

— Kayleigh Hill (@gonedownHILL) June 26, 2013″

Kayleigh made sure to catch the entire event on Vine and then cross posted the video to her Twitter account. While she has since removed the Vine, you can see her triumphant selfie captured here in GIF format:

Baseball Selfie Goes Viral

After the baseball selfies were taken and the girls were captured, fans began posting their own pictures of the event to Twitter:

Here’s the pic by Nolan Harrington that best captures the moment:

Nothing happens in Nebraska huh?

— Nolan Harrington (@harringtonnolan) June 26, 2013

So was it worth it?

Torrie says she got away with the entire stunt because she’s a minor, but the other two were detained.

Was it worth it? Torrie Hill tweeted:

Ask me if it was worth it It was

— Torrie Hill (@re_TORR_ded) June 26, 2013

Proved yall wrong huh?

— Emily Hill (@mothafukaimhILL) June 26, 2013

And Torrie’s best tweet from the event?

I hope the guy that tackled me follows me. Shawty you was fiiiiiiine

— Emily Hill (@mothafukaimhILL) June 26, 2013

Following their capture, Kayleigh Hill started the hashtag #freeteamhill, which for a short period of time caught on via Twitter.

Now let this be a lesson to everyone: /if you are going to post your baseball selfies online only to take them down later, your actions will be turned into GIFs and you will be expose on Twitter by the thousands of other fans in the stands.