Cats Puking To Techno Music Is A Strange And Viral Hit

When we saw the trend “Cats Puking Techno,” we were certain it was another examples of a trends hiccup. Sadly, we were wrong. Not only was the term correct, but the video has been viewed by more than 175,000 really bored internet users.

The trend showed up on MSN Now, and it is basically a 1:09 clip of cats that attempt to vomit as techno music plays in the background. After the first cat vomits, a second cat is shown, and that cycle then repeats itself.

The video titled “Cats Puking to Techno” is the brainchild of YouTube user Minecraftsuper2. They basically collected the videos from around the web, threw some techno music behind the cats’ actions, and then racked up 145,197 hits.

The Cats Puking Techno “music video” has been up since March 9, 2013 but just recently began to score a ton of views.

So what do viewers think of the video? Some question why the owners were filming their cats throwing up. Other YouTube users have questioned whether you can really call the DeadMau5 track Ghosts n Stuff a techno tune.

Whether or not you love the music track that’s playing or you hate how the cats are being exploited for views, it’s hard not to agree that we may have finally reached the end of the internet.

If you chose to watch the video shown above, I apologize for leading you to a part of the internet that just stole one minute and nine seconds of your life.

What do you think about Cats Puking to Techno music? And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the strangest question I have ever left at the end of an article.