‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Makes The Perfect Sandwich [Video]

“Overly attached girlfriend” Laina shows us how to make the perfect sandwich!

For those not yet aware, Laina Walker, AKA YouTube celebrity and channel owner Laina, is the woman with the creepy smiling stare that made her the ever-famous “overly attached girlfriend” and spawned hundreds if not thousands of memes. Laina has used her famous stare everywhere, such as at YouTube gatherings and on other channels, even having a stare-off with fellow star Shane Dawson. She knows she looks insane doing it and keeps it up for everybody’s amusement.

You can’t even go to a popular meme creator site without seeing Laina’s creepy smiling stare with different captions so numerous that it might take a week just to count them all. Even then, hundreds more have probably been made since you started counting.

Laina, the “overly attached girlfriend,” has made a new video where she shows how to make “the perfect sandwich for the perfect man.” Already scoring nearly three million views, it’s a hit among the YouTube community.

Laina’s video “Make Him a Sandwich – Overly Attached Girlfriend,” begins with Laina standing at the kitchen counter with her hands out in a shrugging pose as she says, “For some reason, men love it when women make them sandwiches. It’s one of the fastest ways to his heart and one of the best ways to make sure he’ll stay with you … forever.”

Laina stands there a couple of seconds with her eyes doing the infamous stare to let it sink in for laughs. She then cuts the silence, “Let’s get started! We start with a simple slice of cheese, and you can find these in your local grocery store.” She proceeds to carefully lay the slice of cheese on a piece of bread.

'Overly attached girlfriend' Siri meme
'Overly attached girlfriend' Siri meme

“Overly attached girlfriend” Laina continues, “Now the next ingredient is butter. You can’t really go wrong with butter, just ask Paula Deen. It didn’t help her keep her job, but her man’s still around.”

The rest of the hilarious sandwich making antics of Laina are in the video above. What do you think of the latest video from the “overly attached girlfriend?”

[image via Meme Generator]