Gabrielle Union Excited About ‘Being Mary Jane’ Premiere [Video]

Gabrielle Union is excited for the premiere of Being Mary Jane.

Union, who is currently dating NBA champion Dwyane Wade, will be starring in the new TV movie Being Mary Jane. The movie premieres tomorrow night on BET and is expected to become a TV series in early 2014.

Union said that her new role is a “dream come true” and that she is excited to show fans a new character.

Union said: “If you loved me for one thing and may not have liked me in something else, this role gives the audience a chance to see that I can do more than one thing.”

Union plays a successful news anchor in the new series who has to deal with juggling her life and career.

BET writes: “Fourth of July weekend is a time to celebrate the values of family, strength and independence. Mary Jane Paul is a woman who embodies these traits in a story about the joys and struggles of navigating through life as a fiercely independent, modern woman.”

Union said that in order to get into character she studied tapes of CNN journalist Soledad O’Brien.

The actress said: “I love how (O’Brien) delivers information. There’s a news anchor’s cadence that’s different from an actor’s cadence. If you do it wrong, you can come off cold or disconnected to the subject. I’ve been able to grow with the character in that manner.”

Here’s the trailer for Being Mary Jane.

Are you excited for Gabrielle Union’s new movie?