Kevin Hart In Teaser Trailer For Buddy Cop Film 'Ride Along' [Video]

Niki Cruz


After Sandra Bullock's The Heat demolished the box office, it looks like buddy cop comedies are back on track to making a resurgence in cinema.

Hoping to catch on to the box office magic that The Heat is currently riding is Kevin Hart's Ride Along. In this buddy cop film, Hart sees himself opposite Ice Cube and if the trailer is any indication, Ride Along looks like a film that will hit all the usual tropes for some big laughs.

In Ride Along, Ice Cube plays a tough as nails veteran cop, who loops in the man who wants to marry his sister, security cop (Kevin Hart), for a ride along with him in order to prove his worth. Of course the two find themselves in some hilarious blunders, which may earn laughs at the box office. It's not a surprise though as the two actors are known for their comedic skills, Hart more so than Ice Cube.

Kevin Hart has a busy year so far. Next up is his film Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, which hits theaters on July 3. The film is from his sold-out performance at Madison Square Garden, and shows the behind the scenes footage that led Hart to take the stage at the famous stadium.

Hart has also been capturing headlines for his comments on Paula Dean. Of her racial remarks, Hart said:

"I’m a black man. I was one of the people that was offended when I heard it. It’s too much. I think that she should be punished but you’re killing her right now. "

As for his films, Universal seems to have a lot of faith in the Ride Along comedy as it's already planning to develop a sequel for the film. We'll have to see how Ride Along does when it hits theaters on January 17, 2014.