Edward Snowden Lingerie Now Available In Germany

Edward Snowden lingerie is now available in Germany. While the NSA whistleblower is currently on the run from the US government, his celebrity continues to rise in countries that were likely spied on by the US government.

The new ad was created as part of a social media campaign for Blush Lingerie. In the ad (pictured above), the copy for the spot reads:

“Dear Edward Snowden, there’s still a lot to cover – Blush Lingerie.”

The company continues to play with Edward Snowden’s reputation in Germany with a caption for the ad on its Facebook page that reads: “Dear Edward, take good care! We are with you!”

While the ad spot is not the most clever we have ever witnessed, the fact that there is even an Eward Snowden lingerie ad to talk about showcases his celebrity status in non-US based countries.

In the meantime, Edward Snowden is believed to be making his way to Ecuador where he is seeking political asylum. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has claimed safe harbor in the region and is assisting Snowden with his request for asylum.

Edward Snowden lingerie directly benefits Blush Lingerie sales numbers, but, if WikiLeaks is any indication, he may soon find himself with his own line of merchandise that help to pay the bills.

It isn’t just fans in Germany who have demanded Snowden’s safe passage to a non-extraditing country; many Americans who are upset over NSA spying on US citizens have also demanded his full pardon.

Do you think Edward Snowden lingerie showcases just how much citizens in other countries hate the NSA and its international spying practices?