Brittany Murphy’s mom upset by LA coroner’s report of shared bed with son-in-law

The strange lifestyle of Brittany Murphy, now deceased, her shady British husband, now also deceased, and her weird-ass mom keeps getting more bizarre.

The LA County Coroner’s office released a report this week about Monjack’s death that seems to indicate Brittany’s mom Sharon shared a bed with her daughter’s widower for an unspecified amount of time following Brittany’s death in December. Mom Sharon Monjack didn’t deny the claims, but she did say they were “misleading”:

In a statement, Sharon says, “I am very disturbed that the L.A. Coroners [sic] office continues to release things to the media that are misleading.”

She continues, “The TMZ story with it’s [sic] salacious headline suggesting that my prescious [sic] son-in-law Simon and I slept in bed together, infering [sic] sexual contact is journalism at its lowest.” Sharon also denies there were medications in the house prescribed to a “Sharon Monjack,” as the Coroner’s report states.

TMZ takes pains to point out that they never suggested the two were sexually involved, and a coroner’s office spokesperson commented to say that the report “speaks for itself.” The bed-sharing allegations aren’t the first time Monjack and Murphy’s mom have creeped out the general public with their relationship following Brittany’s death- the pair appeared on Larry King Live and gave an interview that fueled “inappropriate relationship” rumors before Monjack died in late May.