Brett Favre returns, again

I almost cannot believe this, one because none of us can trust a word that comes out of this man mouth about anything. However it looks like Brett Favre is back, again. He has said that 2010 will be his last season, but once the Minnesota Vikings come up a little short in their Super Bowl bid (again) I really wonder if we can believe him. The answer of course it hell no, Favre will do whatever his ego demands, and the Vikings have sold out their fans yet again in a desperate attempt to win now.

Enough about Favre, we know he is an egomaniac and a liar. I am more concerned that the Vikings organization is allowing him to get away with this. A big part of my job is reading the newspapers and blogs everyday so I now what is going on in the sporting world, I wonder how my boss here at the Inquisitr would like it if I just decided to stop reading the papers, blogs and websites for awhile. I wonder how my fellow writers here would feel if they ended up toting more of the line than I do.

The answer is veterans are supposed to report on a certain date, and the team allowed Favre to skip that. My question now is how does Head Coach Brad Childress keep any amount of discipline on this team. Obliviously Favre can do whatever he wants, so why not make him Coach, F#$% why not make him the Coach, GM, and President of the team while we are at it. Why doesn’t Zygi Wilf give him the deed to the team, since he is just fine having the Favre circus in town?

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