Awesome blue PlayStation 3 is for Japan only

Gran Turismo 5, a game that has been in development since about 1926, is a Pretty Big Deal™ for Sony. That’s why the company is celebrating with this stunning “Titanium Blue” PlayStation 3 Slim. But of course, haha, it’s only being made available in Japan. Gaaah.

If you’re interested in importing, this gorgeous console will be available locally for ¥35,980 (just over $400), so expect to pay a bit more to bring one over. It’s out on November 3rd, and comes with a Limited Edition version of Gran Turismo 5 (which in turn comes with five downloadable in-game cars and a 308-page book).

Obviously, if you are willing to import, you immediately face an almost impossible quandary: which is more desirable out of this and the (also Japan-only) white PS3 Slim? I know, I couldn’t answer that either.

[Joystiq Japan, via Joystiq]