Indian Airline Only Recruiting Female Flight Attendants, Because Males Are Too Heavy

An Indian airline has decided to only hire female flight attendants as they are looking to reduce fuel costs.

Go Air, a budget airline, decided to take this stance due to the fact that men, generally, weigh between 33 to 44 pounds more than women, and the company predicts that they could save around around $500,000 per year in fuel costs.

Giorgio De Roni, Go Air’s CEO, told the Times Of India, “We are looking at all possible ways of cost-cutting to remain profitable.”

This announcement doesn’t put the company’s 130 male flight attendants, who are currently employed by Go Air, at risk; however, they will only pursue females in the future.

Go Air has also reduced the size of its in-flight magazine whilst portable water tanks are also no longer being filled to capacity to reduce costs too, De Roni confirmed.

Earlier this year, Turkish Airlines courted controversy after it banned their flight attendants from wearing red lipstick and hair buns as they looked to preserve a more conservative dress code.

A statement from the company read, “As the appearance of the faces and hands of the cabin crew carries additional importance during service, a natural look is proven to create a more moderate and accessible effect in communication.” They even gave examples of other changes by international airlines.


The company stated that they had previously received a hoard of complaints from passengers about the way that their attendants dressed.

Their new dress code sees employees wear pastel colors instead of red, tattoos are banned, and their hair is expected to be braided. Critics of the decision included Gursei Tekin, the deputy leader to the Republican People’s Party, who called it “perversity.”

He then stated, “This regulation is perversity, is there any other explanation? Does the public authority decide what a 20 or 30-year-old woman will wear?

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