Lil Snupe Rap Lyrics Seemed To Foreshadow His Violent Death

Lil Snupe made no effort to hide the fact that he came from a rough upbringing and associated with a rough crowd.

So when the 18-year-old rapper was gunned down last week in Louisiana, it was a tragedy but not entirely a surprise. In fact, even his mentor Meek Mill seemed to imply that Lil Snupe had a hard time leaving behind his old life after he quickly ascended in the rap world.

“R.I.P 2 my lil f—ing ni–a #lilsnupe I tried everything in my power 2 get that kid out of the streets!” Meek wrote in a tweet he would soon delete.

Lil Snupe hinted at the dangers of his life through his lyrics, which spoke of a violent world and a constant fear of death.

On one of his most popular tracks, "Melo," Lil Snupe rapped: "While I’m barefeeted with my feet all black/ When my grandma tellin' me to be in by the street lights/ But now I’m thuggin', going hard in this street life/ Plus these p***y n****s outchea tryna kill me."

In the track "Nobody," Snupe seems to foreshadow his violent end when he raps about haters who want to kill him.

On the track, Lil Snupe raps: "And I refuse to let my mama lose me to some bull****."

But now as details of his killing have come to light, it seems that is exactly how Lil Snupe met his end. Police say that 36-year-old Tony Holden shot and killed the 18-year-old after a dispute over a video game.

Hundreds of mourners turned up for Lil Snupe's funeral on Saturday, trying to make sense of the tragedy and how such a bright star could be cut down so young. Meek Mill, who discovered Lil Snupe and signed him within hours of hearing a demo tape, seemed at a loss for words.

“I’m never one to talk (at funerals),” Mill said of his protege Lil Snupe. “I saw something in him. His demo tape spoke to me. I saw myself in him.”