Airport Worker Spotted Driving Stair-Car Across New York

An airport worker is set to be disciplined by his airline after he was caught taking a stair car out for a joyride on the streets of New York.

The unnamed employee was spotted taking the Southwest Airlines vehicle from La Guardia airport at 12.30 pm yesterday, and it is even believed that he took the car to a pizza restaurant so he could cure his hunger.

The car had a Port Authority license plate marked as A 3537, which means that it is only allowed to be driven on airport premises.

The stair car was seen on the intersection at 19th Ave and Hazen Street, which is located close to La Guardia airport. A DMV spokeswoman told the New York Post, “It is not legal to drive on a public street.”

These thoughts were echoed by Steve Coleman, a Port Authority spokesman, who added, “This is not acceptable behavior. We will immediately begin to identify the offending vehicle and driver and will take appropriate action. “

However Southwest spokesman Chris Mainz disagreed with these sentiments and remarked that his was far from unordinary, stating, “Nothing unusual or out of protocol on this one.” He then stated that USAToday had tried to spin the image to show a different scenario than “what it really was.”


Mainz stated, “He was simply taking the equipment to their office for their standard upkeep and standard maintenance. So nothing out of the ordinary. It had all the proper plates and tags they need to do so. He certainly was not going to get pizza.”

If the driver was driving the car on the streets of New York he was probably looking to imitate the lead character of Arrested Development, Michael Bluth, who drover a similar vehicle during the tenure of the series.

What punishment do you think should fall upon the stair-car driver?

[Image via Nadezhda1906/Shutterstock]