Free Ammo Giveaway In Colorado Draws Thousands

A Colorado-based ammunition manufacturer participated in a free ammo giveaway in Glendale, drawing locals who waited in half mile long lines Saturday to pick up their free 30-round magazine.

The handout was part of a pro-gun protest event held just days before new Colorado state laws are set to go into effect, including one which bans the sale of magazines that hold more than 15 bullets.

The event, named the “Farewell to Arms” rally, was held in Glendale’s Infinity Park where ammo manufacturer Magpul, a Colorado-based company, had live music, food, and more drawing thousands of locals, reported the Washington Post.

To great fanfare Magpul hauled in 20,000 of the soon-to-be-illegal 30-round magazines, via helicopter, setting them down in the park before starting the free ammo giveaway.

Free 30-round magazines were made available to the first 1,500 attendees who were at least 18.

The remaining magazines were then sold off at a discounted price of $10 each, with the proceeds going toward an effort to recall Colorado state politicians who supported the new gun control laws.

Several speeches were made at the rally by outspoken opponents of the new gun control legislation by special guests, including keynote speaker Dana Loesch, a nationally syndicated St. Louis-based talk radio host.

Loesch spoke of the need for successful recall of pro-gun control politicians, because “they are the elect, and they can be unelected and recalled.”


Speakers also included the spokeswoman for Free Colorado, the organization which helped organize the rally, Kelly Maher, explained that they were “here to send a loud, friggin’ clear message to the politicians of this state: Colorado belongs to us and not to [New York Mayor] Michael Bloomberg.”

Free Colorado is a non-profit organization that advocates against gun control laws, reports Denver Post. They have spearheaded drives for recall elections of the governor and other leaders who support the new legislation, including Colorado Governor Hickenlooper.

With the new laws coming into effect on Monday, gun control opponents hope the “Farewell To Arms” rally and the free ammo giveaway will send a clear message to state politicians.

[Image via ShutterStock]