England Soccer Legend Glenn Hoddle Thinks England Should Forget About World Cup, Target Euro 2016 Instead

Glenn Hoddle believes that England’s national soccer side should target Euro 2016 rather than focusing their efforts on winning next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

Hoddle, who amassed 53 caps for England after his debut in 1979, aswell as playing almost 500 competitive games for Tottenham Hotspur, believes that this approach is integral if they want to compete on the world stage.

The former England manager also believes that England must “change the way we bring up our kids” if they want to win the World Cup for the first time since 1966.

Hoddle noted, “Let the media and the public think what they want about Brazil. Of course you try your very best to win it, but our plan should be for the Euros and not for the World Cup.”

Hoddle also talked about how England must improve the technical ability of its youngsters before the can match the likes of Brazil, Spain and Italy.

He stated, “It’s lovely having St George’s but they still haven’t got what they need up there. We still need schools for the elite player. We have got to be very selfish and we have to focus on elite English footballers at very young ages – getting their education and schooling but also getting hour after hour of the right things, with the first priority mastering the ball.”

Hoddle, who was regarded as one of the greatest technical players English football has ever produced, noted, “The pitches nowadays are beautiful. You don’t have to be powerful and strong. Why do you think the Spanish have got small players? Because the pitches and the rules have changed. We haven’t got that understanding or that vision. Now is the time. If we don’t do it now, we will never do it.”

How do you think England will fare at next year’s World Cup? Do you agree with Hoddle’s assessment?

[Image via JoeWiki/Wikimedia]