‘Clear History’ Trailer Arrives [Video]

Curb Your Enthusiasm’s David plays an executive at a car company, who gets into an argument over the name of a new electric car with his boss, Jon Hamm, decides to quit, and then sells back his shares.

The Howard goes to be a huge hit with consumers, and David loses out on billions of dollars. David’s character then decides to shave his long hair and beard before starting a new life, but, 10 years later, Hamm’s billionaire accidentally barges into him and threatens to disrupt everything he has rebuilt.

Clear History is directed by Superbad and Adventureland’s Greg Mottola, and is co-written by David, and alongside David and Hamm, the likes of Danny McBride, Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, Bill Hader, and Michael Keaton co-star in the comedy.

This new trailer follows up from a teaser clip that was released last month, which introduced us to David’s character as he sang in his car.


This new footage introduces the main conflict of the film, which is between David and Hamm, as the pair quarrel over the name of the car. David dislikes the name Howard, and the trailer shows viewers that after he gives an insincere apology to his boss they decide to part ways.

David’s character tries to argue that apologies “don’t have to be sincere,” to which Hamm states, “that’s literally the only thing that any apology has to be.”

Other highlights include Danny McBride telling David that he used to look “like the guy that kidnapped Elizabeth Smart,” and some trademark banter between David and J.B. Smooves’ clown, which fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm will be accustomed to.

Clear History will premiere on HBO on August 10. Do you think it looks funny?